Complementarity, Resilience


Driving success



The Biotope Digital © is resilient, distributed and frugal.

It innovates faster, better and at an appropriate cost.

The emergence of the digital world is changing the business ecosystem in depth, sweeping away traditional thought patterns and operational models. Given the unpredictability of Digital’s economy, change has become permanent. The company must therefore acquire strategic agility and operational flexibility.

For this, the porosity between customers and suppliers shows a tendency towards the removal of borders and the emergence of new forms of collaboration that accelerate productivity.

The Biotope Digital © is a working community. Its structure is virtual and brings together collaborators, customers, partners to unite their knowledge and / or skills within the framework of a close and solidary collaboration, in order to realize the same project, for a successful immersion in the new economy.

To be able to respond to the new constraints of the digital mutation (instability, and turbulence of the world economy), Digixit adopts the principles of Jugaad innovation.

The Biotope Digital © is resilient. It incorporates a degree of vision and flexibility that allows it to remain powerful whatever the level of activity and the complexity to absorb.

The approach is based on constant experimentation to adjust Biotope Digital ©’s offer in line with market developments.

Biotope Digital © defends moral values ​​and flourishing: integrity, ethics, loyalty, transparency, authenticity and autonomy.



The Biotope Digital © is a guarantee of the digital value chain.

It brings together the multiplicity of professions and complementary experiences necessary for digital transformation.

The client brings his core business expertise and is involved in the whole process of developing the digital strategy, from the product or service to its commercialization.

The Biotope Digital © is based on a digital platform that organizes and animates the collective intelligence between the participants.

The customer gradually takes over the digital levers.



The architect of the Biotope Digital © coordinates the different actors (client, consultant, partners) harmonizing business models, constraints and respective timetables.

He accompanies his client to assemble an offer where the delivery time is decisive to maintain the relevance of the offer.

It is in perpetual listening to the market to adapt to trends and uses that evolve at a sustained frequency.

It is capable of capturing and interpreting specific needs to meet them based on available and operational market standards (platform, process, business model).