Driving success

The digital revolution has changed the face of the world. Nowadays, consum’actors overlap Unicorns, space and time contract, pyramid schemes are swept away … The old world crumbles faster than expected. To be better reborn?

“The customer provider principle is finished. This system chained the two parties to their mutual dependencies. “Visionary, with 35 years of experience, Jean-Marc Provent has formalized a Biotope Digital ©. Implemented in its new kind of consultancy, it is the cornerstone of a deep, urgent and necessary transformation of today’s business.

Accompanied by agitators of ideas and recognized specialists, it evolves in Start Up mode with, for watchwords, agility and collaboration. “Completed the tunnel effect, our projects evolve in real time, skills change … Polymorphous, inventive, without limits, with cross-approaches of functions and expertise very diverse (marketing, communication, Design Thinking, Big Data, HR, operations …), our biotope adapts constantly and intervenes on short sequences. Result? “We deliver an audit in 5 days which requires 6 months elsewhere”.

Only immutable framework for Digixit: their values. Respect, listening, solidarity and commitment, to make the digital mutation a human adventure, above all.




The technological evolutions of the last decades (internet, web 2.0, mobile, Internet of things) have revolutionized economies, cultures and sociological structures on a global scale.

Local and international companies then abandon traditional exchanges (mail, telex, fax) to provide real-time online services. This resulted in a transformation of information systems, the creation of dedicated entities (eg call center) and the significant overhaul of business processes (fluidity, commitment to results).

In a space where infinite economic growth is no longer, globalization and convergence of technologies will mark in the era of Digital.



The industrialization and urbanization of the emerging countries induce the rise of a new class of consumers.

Even though this population has doubled in the last forty years, more than half of the world’s population will be out of poverty by 2025 (*).

Half of the companies that today realize more than one billion dollars will be in 2025 in the emerging countries (*).



digital Artificial intelligence, Internet of thinks
material Nanotechnology, stand-alone car, robotics, 3D printing
biology Genomic
energy Solar fuel, mechanical batteries, wireless energy



To accompany this turbulent world, the company must develop its capacity to listen to the one expressing its interests and its intentions to adapt on very short deadlines under pain of disappearing.

Customer knowledge becomes a strategic asset.

The company must maintain a consistent direction over time while guaranteeing short-term performance.

Information technologies optimize hierarchical lines, which are therefore reduced and control processes shortened.

The ability to adapt quickly becomes vital for growth wherever it is (agility, …).

Growth is now in emerging countries. Priority should be given to speed of placing on the market and proximity to final consumers.

The company specifically adapts its products or services to each of the places where it is sold and to each of the crops to which it is addressed.

The company adopts a glocal culture.

The Digital era is shifting the boundaries of the company, changing the interface between the inside and the outside to bring new opportunities for growth.

The company is preparing to become multi-form.



2017 Business Models
Google Becomes as powerful as Switzerland (90.35{5d67f28deea60775643b0e8c3515585dd287b24a1230f171b722c564904a90de} of the web advertising market) and the most valued brand in the world
Facebook Welcomes half of the planet (1.712 billion active users each month of which 1.574 billion on mobile)
AirBnb While it has no hotel assets, its valuation exceeds the Accor Group (€ 11 billion), which includes 3700 hotels
Uber There are no vehicles of its own and yet it is on the way to become the biggest taxi company in the world (valued at $ 50 billion, 5 years of existence, 3000 employees, 1 million drivers in 311 cities / 58 countries)
permanent connected and accessible anywhere, anytime
usage abandonment of property in favor of the use of the service or product
tribe To measure up to others, to share, to improve, to progress, to celebrate
excellence Quality, availability at the best price and as soon as possible
e-reputation A major component, likely to cause rapid wavering
omnicanal Crossing experiences to create innovative pathways where each channel is complete
hyper customization Taking account of the context: living conditions, economic means, localization, cultural diversity, need
opinion 200 million opinions gathered by Tripadvisor late 2015
monetization Share data subject to monetization
crowd economy Productive people who participate through a platform with a goal to achieve mutually beneficial goalss
2020 More mobile phone owners ($ 5.4 billion) as users of electricity ($ 5.3 billion) or drinking water ($ 3.5 billion)
Two-thirds of the connected users are African, Asian, Chinese, Indian or Russian. The sum of their GDPs is higher than the US GDP
80 billion objects connected
Sources :
(*) Mckinsey Institute